BreakFree on Cashel Christchurch

- Christchurch, South Island

165 Cashel Street, Christchurch South Island

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Christchurch Weddings


Standing on our glass infinity balcony with your new partner in life, looking out at the Christchurch skyline and beyond, you’ll feel the momentous nature of your occasion has been captured in one sparkling instant.

But at BreakFree on Cashel, we aim to make every moment of your wedding reception hit those same heights – at down to earth prices. Our experienced wedding co-ordinator will help you plan, preview and present the perfect celebration, guiding you every step of the way, right up to and including your walk down the aisle.

Our unique blend of traditional white linen, cutting edge technology and contemporary urban design ensures you will have the very best of something old and something new to help create a lasting memory in your heart…and a special place you can return to time and time again for future celebrations.

BreakFree on Cashel. We know the secrets to true wedding happiness.

Reception Venue

Sleek surfaces; edgy designs; a floor to ceiling window; an infinity balcony; these are just a few of the elegant features of our venue, the George Jakins Room. Even more impressive is its affordability, especially as it includes a complimentary night’s stay and late checkout for the bride and groom.


Allow our Executive Chef to tantalise your guests with one of his set menus, or alternatively sit down with him and tailor make your own. Choose from cocktail or buffet style catering for up to 50 people, or consider the three course plated dining options for up to 30 guests.


BreakFree on Cashel can provide either compact, funky pod style accommodation featuring module bathrooms and high tech entertainment options, or more spacious premium rooms, resplendent with ensuite bathrooms, on the top floor. Either way, wedding parties can continue to party without the concern of beating a hasty retreat.


Our wedding co-ordinator can provide an initial guided tour through our venue and talk to you about all the different components we can offer to make up your bespoke wedding package. We can even prepare cost comparisons for different packages, based on maximum and minimum guest numbers.